Olive groves and olive oil


¡Viejos olivos sedientos
bajo el claro sol del día,
olivares polvorientos
del campo de Andalucía!


Olive groves and olive oil

Savour the taste of Cordoba’s liquid gold

We propose an unhurried morning spent among centuries-old olive trees, where we will discover the artisanal process of producing extra virgin olive oil. The olive groves change with the seasons, but one of the most dramatic times is undoubtedly autumn with the onset of envero – when the olives start to change colour – and the harvest, which may extend well into winter. Do you fancy picking your own olives, taking them to the press and eating among the olive trees while your recently milled oil is packaged?

Tomatoes, green apples, almond, green wheat, fig leaf… the various aromas of extra virgin olive oil are endless. All you need to do is warm the tasting glass in your hands, close your eyes and open your mind to a unique experience – a blind tasting! Professional experts will be on hand to help us appreciate the delicate flavours of this quintessentially healthy oil.

Cordoba is the land of olive groves and olive oil par excellence. We are the world’s second largest producer of olive oil with 350,000 hectares of groves and 42 million trees, and the only province in the world with four official Protected Designations of Origin for olive oil (Baena, Priego, Montoro-Adamuz and Lucena). What’s more, 70% of the organic olive oil produced in Andalusia is from Cordoba.