Caracol School

The virus of haste is a worldwide epidemic. If you have been infected, try to cure yourself. Si lo has contraído, trata de curarte.

Carl Honoré

Cordoba, universal school in Al-Andalus

In the Early Middle Ages Cordoba was the largest city in Europe, and because it was a magnet for knowledge-hungry scholars who were drawn from all four corners of the world it was also the most learned. Dubbed “the emporium of science”, “the birthplace of Muslim law” and “the light of the West”, the capital of Al-Andalus played a key role in the unfolding of history as a universal school.


Caracol School and slow learning

Founded with the same philosophy of disseminating our culture, Caracol School sets out Cordoba as an exceptional place to which people of any age and nationality may come to study the special aspects of the local culture:

    • Olive oil. We are the second largest producer in the world.
    • Ibéric ham. We boast one of the five protected designations of origin for Iberian cured ham in the world.
    • Wine We have a system of aging Andalusian wines that is unique in the world.
    • Horses Cordoba is the birthplace of the pure Spanish horse breed
    • Flamenco Our artists have passed into the annals of flamenco as some of the finest who have ever lived.
    • Cuisine Cordoba was designated as Ibero-American Gastronomic Capital in 2014.
    • Language In light of the above, can you think of a better place for learning Spanish?


Training and incentives

For periods as short as two days and as long as a month, our travellers will be students during the morning, engaged in leisurely study in authentic settings that enable them to become more thoroughly acquainted with the subject matter they have chosen, whether a single subject or combining various themes of interest. Once the training session has concluded, the students will go back to being travellers and will be able to immerse themselves in Cordoba at its most authentic, enjoying afternoons and evenings as free time.

This offer is aimed at a wide range of people both within and beyond Spain’s borders:

    • training/specialisation courses for professionals in a range of sectors
    • business incentives – an excellent way of strengthening team spirit and acquiring memorable experiences
    • initiation for lovers of Spanish culture