About us

Why should I bite my tongue? Cordoba should be praised until the world takes note!

Luis Navarro Romana


This is why Caracol Tours is so committed to preserving and sharing Cordoba’s historical, cultural and natural heritage. We design tailor-made holidays for individuals and small groups and offer activities with minimal environmental impact that follow the natural rhythms of the seasons, in which travellers can truly immerse themselves in local life. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that the stay we devise is not a mere visit but rather a way of sharing everyday life with locals so that travellers feel they are not just passing through but come to form a genuine part of Cordoba.



  • Expert in foreign trade and international negotiation
  • Wine and gastronomy enthusiast
  • Inveterate traveller, she has spent 15 years travelling throughout the world and has lived in England, France and Japan
  • Passionate about her roots, she finally returned to her homeland in 2012
  • Since then she has pursued a clear goal: bringing Cordoba and Japan closer together
  • To this end she founded Caracol Tours in 2014.



These are the soul of the business, the people who make the Caracol “world” possible. There are more than 250 local suppliers including guides, heritage experts, historians, archaeologists, chefs, craftspeople, organic producers, sports trainers, biologists, artists, owners of charming accommodation and many others. All of them have contributed their willingness and desire to promote Cordoba’s traditions beyond our borders.



A friendly snail (caracol) who embodies slow movement and evokes an unhurried pace. Created to promote the traditions of Cordoba, he proudly sports a local wide-brimmed sombrero and the colours of Cordoba’s countryside –the green of the olive trees, the oil and the holm oaks and the yellow of the wheat, the sunflowers and the wine. Just as a snail carries his home around with him wherever he goes, we would like our travellers to feel perfectly at home during their stay in Cordoba.